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Know how to use ice and warm water for wrinkle-free skin

Wrinkles on the face and sagging skin can be considered as signs of aging. It sometimes strikes many at an early age. There are many reasons for this. Excessive sunlight and air pollution are the main reasons for this. There is a very simple home remedy that can be done to solve this. Learn about this. Just use a few ice cubes and a little warm water for wrinkle-free skin.

First, massage your face with ice cubes. You can do this for a couple of minutes. Then rinse immediately with lukewarm water. Massage the ice again immediately. Rinse again. Repeat this for a while. Cold and hot water can also be used alternatively in this way. Rinse your face with ice water and rinse immediately with warm water. This can be done alternately. This tightens the skin cells. Tightening the skin helps to keep the skin supple and wrinkle-free. This is one of the simplest ways to rejuvenate the skin.


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