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Try these tips to prevent hair fall

Hair loss is one of the major causes of sleep deprivation in most of us. There is nothing more disturbing than seeing hair fall every time you comb your hair. It is generally said that it is natural for an individual to lose 80 to 100 hairs per day. But as soon as the hair falls out, new strands of hair have to come out. Here are some tips to help prevent hair loss:

Maintain good scalp hygiene

Given the current situation, even if most of us spend more time at home, that does not mean that we should avoid hair care products like shampooing. Make sure you wash your hair once or twice a week. The shampoo helps to prevent the accumulation of excess oil and dirt on the scalp, which can cause hair loss.

Avoid chemical-based products

Excessive heat products and chemicals can significantly affect the health of your hair. If you are experiencing hair loss problems, avoid using any kind of chemical-based products on your hair. This is the first good thing to do for the health of your hair.

Practice yoga

If the reasons behind your hair loss include lifestyle changes or hormonal changes, then yoga can be very beneficial in this regard. There is no better way to manage physical and mental stress and maintain hormonal balance. When your basic problems related to lifestyle are solved, the health of your hair will also be restored. Know that some yoga poses are great for increasing blood flow to your scalp and promoting hair growth.

Supplements can be taken

This can lead to hair loss when the amount of vitamins your body needs is low from the food you eat. Therefore, taking multivitamin supplements regularly may be helpful in this regard. It helps in nourishing the body and reducing the symptoms of hair loss. However, it is advisable to include such supplements in your daily routine only after consulting your doctor.

Try some of the best home remedies

Home remedies for treating hair problems have long been passed down by our mothers. A hot oil massage is effective in increasing the strength and nourishment of your hair. It not only increases blood circulation but also nourishes the hair and scalp by penetrating deep into the hair follicles.



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