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Husband sells home-cooked meals to buy “JUNK- FOOD”

It is normal for women to cook and pack up lunch for husbands who go to work in the morning. Its principal idea is to save money on lunch and to restrain the stomach safe by eating out. But what if the wife’s lunch is sold to someone else? Many may be astonished to hear that. However, the incident is real, the husband initially provided feedback over the food given in the morning but later said nothing about it, which is what made the wife suspicious. Once he asked for more food.

When asked why he responded that he had a good appetite. Then he began taking more food every day. Every day his wife became more and more skeptical. The wife then determined to find out the truth behind it. It was only when her husband’s colleague and a friend came home that they revealed out about his ‘side business’. They said, “I appreciate you making such a delicious meal but they said the price is a bit high”. At first, the young woman did not understand.

She later found out about her husband’s side business when they explained the whole matter. She further explained, “I was confused. I asked him to explain and he said my husband sells the sandwiches I make to his co-workers then goes to buy his lunch from the restaurant. I was stunned. My husband denied it. I began arguing with him after his friend left. He said there was nothing wrong with it.”

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The wife was furious with her husband for selling her home-cooked, healthy food to buy fast food from the restaurant. She then stopped making him sandwiches. In his defense, the husband said that there wasn’t anything incorrect with it as technically he wasn’t spending any of their savings to buy lunch.



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