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Have you ever seen a McDonald’s shop with blue coloured logo… Read to know where the shop is…

McDonald’s are the giants of the fast-food world. When you hear McDonald’s, the first thing that comes to our mind is that Ronald McDonald’s is a character. Many of us have taken selfies with this statue placed on chairs in McDonald’s shops. Also popular is McDonald’s famous yellow M logo. The M logo is the hallmark of McDonald’s stores.

But only one place in the world has this M logo in blue (Torquiz Blue to be exact). The entire M logo of the McDonald’s store in Sedona, Arizona, USA, is light blue. The M logo is yellow on all McDonald’s outlets in the rest of the world, but only blue.

In the opinion of the city councillors and officials of the city of Sedona, the yellow M logo does not match the natural beauty of the city. The decision to change the colour came after a majority of people commented that the yellow M logo did not match the beauty of the city of Sedona. The McDonald’s outlet in Sedona has been operating since 1993. The logo was recently redesigned. With this, the McDonald’s outlet in Sedona is now a star.

Many people visit the McDonald’s outlet every day with the only blue logo in the world. Instagram Influencers and celebrities have already visited the McDonald’s store in Sedona. Employees say that despite the large number of people coming to the store, sales have not improved significantly. Many people come to the front of the shop and take selfies and then leave the place.

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