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Taliban’s return to the South Asian country may be harmful for women’s rights :Report

As the US bands depart from Afghanistan, authorities apprehend the Taliban’s arrival to the South Asian country will break all the development started in women’s rights and justice over the years. These concerns were perceived in a two-page National Intelligence Council report that declares the aspects of the Taliban leaders and members have not altered since 2001 when the US mediated to revive peace in Afghanistan.” The Taliban persists broadly constant in its prohibitory proposition to women’s rights and would turn back much of the past two decades’ development if the group retrieved national power,” the report claims.

Taliban was notorious for inflicting old-age inequitable determinations on women and holding them away from studies and not permitting them to step out even for a job. The declassified statement by the US intelligence hints that there has been very few if any, a shift in Taliban’s leadership and the group continues “inflexible” for any such negotiations and “enforce strict social constraints in areas that it already controls”.

“If the Taliban were again Afghanistan’s dominant power, we assess that any prospect for moderating the group’s policies toward women would lie with ethnic minorities’ ability to maintain local variation and technological development,” the report said. While some organizations have publically declared strategies to consider women’s rights, they have also combined the situation of doing such only as a requirement of Taliban’s fundamentalist interpretation of Sharia law, or Islamic law, the report stated.

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The US intelligence believes the international force is essential to keep the development of women’s rights in the nation, with or without the return of Taliban territory.” The Taliban’s desires for foreign aid and legitimacy might marginally moderate its conduct over time,” the report read. However, if the group returns to power in Afghanistan, it will prioritize “extending control on its terms”.


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