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Post-Covid care: Things that should be kept in mind…

Many are doubtful that Covid will be able to return to his daily life. The test is usually negative within 15 days. For some, it may take up to a month. It is important to end the quarantine only if it is negative. Within 15 days, it is unlikely to be transmitted to others. But it can take up to a month for test spikes to turn negative. But it is unlikely to spread anyway. It is also advisable for the patient to wear a surgical mask at this time. Even better if worn at home. It is allowable to go to the office at this time.

But do not use public toilets at this time. This is because the presence of this virus in the stool is said to last longer. Studies on this are still ongoing. Hence, they should not use the public toilet for more than a month and a half. Loss of smell and taste like this is common. The taste is regained first. The smell will come back later. People with allergies are more likely to have this problem. It may take more than a month.

Likewise, tests show that diabetes and liver conditions increase after this. As it is, it is more troublesome for people with allergies and rheumatism. Especially if there are such diseases. It can be taken as prescribed by a doctor. Good food like this is important for the next three months. Protein and fruit can help boost the body’s immune system. Small fish are good. Whenever possible taste some less sweet sweets, spices and fried foods. You can take antibiotics like yogurt. This will be beneficial. Similarly, alcohol, smoking and drug addictions should be avoided. All of these can cause stress on the internal organs of the body. Exercising like this is also good. Sleep is just as important as good. Through this cytokines are produced and the body’s immune system is strengthened.

Those who come to Covid have a chronic cough and sore throat. This is because it takes time for the mucous membrane to regain health when Covid arrives. Cough with discharge is also common. It does not matter if the mucus goes away. For this, if you have a dry cough, ie itchy throat, it is better to dissolve two or three drops of powdered turmeric on the tongue. It is also good to add chukka powder and caramel to the tongue and melt it. Like this, it is better to dissolve double sweet or cocktail powder on the tongue and mix it with honey. If you have a cough with mucus, you can take steam. You can ask your doctor about this. Putting a teaspoon of turmeric in two glasses of water and steaming it is good for getting rid of mucus.

Don’t do the job of giving too much strain to the brain in those who come and go. It causes stress and headaches. Sleep deprivation like this is a problem for many people. This is Post Covid Straw. Post-traumatic stress disorder. No sleep. When you wake up, you feel tired. BP is likely to increase.

Hair loss like this is seen after Covid. The effect of this disease can take up to two months to affect the hair follicles. This means that the difficulty may come after two months. For that, it is essential to eat lots of vegetables, drink plenty of water, and eat biotin and vitamins like this. Do not take vitamins on hand as prescribed by your doctor.

Fatigue is one of the things Covid sees in visitors. Energy may not be as strong as it used to be. Occasionally there is a runny nose and dry throat. At that time try to avoid catching other diseases as much as possible. Don’t be too much exposed to excessive sun. This will make you more tiring. Drink plenty of water. Eat good food. Try to regain the body’s immune system.


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