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‘Allopathy is a stupid science’: Baba Ramdev asks 25 questions to IMA

Rishikesh: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has wrote an open letter to Indian Medical Association (IMA) asking 25 questions to the organization. Baba Ramdev has asked the IMA to answer whether the modern medicine can offer permanent relief for diseases like hyper tension and diabetics.

“Does the pharma industry have permanent treatment for thyroid, arthritis, colitis and asthma?…Like you found a cure for TB and chickenpox, look for treatments for liver ailments. After All, allopathy is now 200 years old. What treatment is there for cholesterol.” Does the pharma industry have treatment for migraine?”, Baba Ramdev asked in the  open letter that  he posted on his Twitter handle.

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” What treatment is there for cholesterol. Does the pharma industry have treatment for migraine?”, or treatment for constipation and bloating amnesia without any side effects?. Doctors should not fall ill at all if allopathy is all-powerful and ‘sarvagun sampanna’ (having all good qualities),” said the yoga guru.

Earlier, the IMA has criticized a remark  by the yoga guru. Union Health Minister has asked Ramdev to withdrew his remark. Baba Ramdev withdrew his statement after this.


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