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“You can’t wear that, I can see your mouth” ; Woman stopped from boarding flight due to strange reason

USA; In a strange event on American Airlines, a woman alleged that she was refused to board because she was using a see-through mask. The gate steward didn’t let the woman by the name of Tarus Woelk board the flight in North Carolina’s Charlotte because of the kind of mask she was wearing. The flight was traveling to Richmond, Virginia.

As per the reports, Woelk was told by the gate steward, “You can’t wear that, you have to wear a different mask. Well, I can see your mouth.”Woelk was asked to wear a disposal mask that was being provided to her. But she denied exchanging her mask for the disposable one she was denied access to the flight.“I was like, ‘can you just take a minute and look at this? It’s a Shema mask, it’s used by professional athletes. It has a factor of 97 instead of 95. It’s more effective than what you want me to wear’,” Woelk said.

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The airline’s mask policy restricts passengers from wearing a mask made of net or lace, or from having an exhaust valve or aperture. Though, according to Woelk, she assumed she had obeyed all regulations set out by the airline. A remark from the airlines is expected.


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