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“Kids should take flu shots before monsoon” ; Medical experts

Maharashtra; The government has been informed by authorities to immunize every child with the Influenza vaccine, which is generally available in the private market but does not appear under the national immunization program, before the monsoons. The proposal was created to prevent unnecessary RT-PCR tests and congestion of the state’s hospitals by people with flu-like indications that similar to Covid-19.

A virtual conference occurred on Sunday where the Maharashtra Covid and pediatric taskforces collectively inferred Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray make an exclusion for this year given the furious pandemic and inject the state’s children with the Influenza shots before the start of the monsoons. The Chairman of the State Covid task force, Dr. Sanjay Oak, told CM Thackeray, advised that the government should lessen the price of the vaccine, which is now available at Rs 1,500 – 2,000 per injection so that it can be broadly distributed to every child in Maharashtra “in the next six months”.Dr. Suhas Prabhu, who directs the pediatric task force, said, “Flu patients may show Covid-like symptoms. If they all start coming to hospitals and if RT-PCR has to be done for all, there will be added expenses and crowding in hospitals. At least for this year, the state may make an exception and give the vaccine to all children.”

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The Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP) has suggested that the Influenza vaccine, which contains two subtypes of influenza A and two lineages of influenza B, must be provided for children below the age of five.CM Thackeray said that his government will view the suggestion. “However, we need more clarity on whether asymptomatic Covid positive child can take the vaccine. Vaccination is not at all an issue but how, when and whom to vaccinate should be clear to avoid further complications,” said Thackeray.“It is safe for a child to get BCG, rubella, or any vaccine that they may have missed out on if four weeks have passed since the onset of Covid symptoms,” said Dr. Vijay Yewale, a member of the pediatric task force.


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