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‘The Conjuring’ is so scary it will give audience colon cleanse: Vera Farmiga

The 47-year-old actress Vera Farmiga recently opened up about her newest release “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It” and said the film is so scary that it’ll give the viewers a “colon cleanse”.

The movie is the brand new sequel to “The Conjuring” franchise that began in 2013 and sees Farmiga return as a real-life paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren – who died in April 2019 at the age of 92.

In a recent interview with the host Kent Small, Farmiga insists the movie is so terrifying cinema-goers may empty their bowels because they will be so scared.

Farmiga lately appeared on an FM present with Patrick Wilson, her co-actor, who plays Lorraine’s husband and fellow supernatural expert Ed Warren – who died in August 2006 aged 79.

He said that he has never been scared of anything when filming the horror movies, including scenes with the possessed Anabelle doll, although he teased there were some spooky going on, when they shot the first movie ‘The Conjuring’.

“There were some strange things at first one, but not really at anything else,” said Wilson, adding, “I’ve been there — to the Warrens’ house — where their real Annabelle is and like, we’ve made ours which is a prop, there’s like eight of them, they’re like dolls! To me, they’re just creepy dolls and there’s no reason that those dolls should actually scare people.”

The Warrens investigated the Annabelle case in 1970 when a student nurse contacted them to claim a Raggedy Ann doll was inhabited by an evil demon. The doll is housed at the Warrens occult museum and has been one of the main antagonists in ‘The Conjuring Universe’.


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