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Diabetic? Beware these fruits can increase blood sugar level !

Fruits are vital for our health; they contain multiple essential vitamins and minerals. However, there are some fruits in which the amount of natural sugar is high and they can prove to be unhealthy for diabetic patients. Diabetes is a condition that can only be controlled by making changes in your lifestyle, proper exercising and healthy eating habits. While fruits are healthy for all, those with diabetes should be careful of what fruits they are consuming.

Here are 5 such fruits that can increase blood sugar levels:


Mango is called the king of fruits. It is mostly liked by all and is consumed in various forms. However, patients with diabetes should check the quantity of mangoes they are consuming. Roughly, mangoes contain about 45 grams of natural sugar, which can increase your blood sugar. Hence, you should pay attention while consuming mangoes.


Bananas are rich in minerals and also have good quantities of fiber and potassium. The fruit is considered to be a good source of energy. But bananas also have a high amount of natural sugar, which increases the level of glucose in the blood. In such a situation, diabetic patients should also avoid eating bananas.


Grapes also have a very high amount of natural sugar. Reportedly, a cup of grapes contain about 23 grams of sugar. So, even before eating grapes, sugar patients should think and consume this fruit in very small quantities.


Summer fruit lychee is very tasty to eat. It is good for your health and keeps away dehydration due to its juicy nature. But it also has a high volume of natural sugar, so it is also counted among fruits diabetics must be careful about. Therefore, those who have diabetes should not eat too many lychees.


It is almost impossible to say no to cherries. Their sweet-sour taste is heavenly, to say the least. But, like other fruits listed above, cherries are also high in sugar, which increases blood sugar levels. As per reports, cherries can contain 8 grams of sugar, therefore, diabetic patients should consume cherries to a minimum.

Everyone loves to eat fruits. Fruits are very delicious and contain multiple essential vitamins and minerals. But, diabetes patients should stay alert while eating the fruits mentioned above as it has high potential to increase their blood sugar levels.


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