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World Music Day 2021: History, importance, and celebrations

World Music Day is celebrated on 21 June every year. This day, known as Make Music Day in the United States and Fête de la Musique in France, honors the power of music and artists for the gift, which gives flight to the imagination.

According to a poll, 92 % of Indians turn to music for comfort during difficult times. Music is not only a healing therapy, but it also promotes a positive mood and mental wellness. For many people, a world without music would be meaningless.

History of Music Day:

World Music Day was first observed on the Solstice in France in 1982. Fête de la Musique was founded in Paris by the former French Ministers of Art and Culture, Jack Lange and Maurice Fleuret. Fleuret, who was a French composer, music writer, festival organizer, and radio producer, played a crucial role in establishing a day dedicated to honoring music. Since then, music has gained popularity in many nations across the world.

Importance of Music Day:

World Music Day is observed to give free music to all music enthusiasts and to create a forum for amateur and professional artists to demonstrate their abilities to the rest of the world. It is commemorated in order to emphasize the value of music and how it benefits the human mind and body.

Several studies and experts have pointed out that Music has the ability to reduce stress, improve sleep, and keep us moving forward. Music therapy has worked wonders for patients with mental illnesses, and it can also help people exercise more effectively. People can concentrate better on their tasks and perform well when they listen to the proper music.

Music Day 2021 Celebrations:

Following the 1982 celebrations, the Day is observed in over 120 countries, with free public performances held in parks, stadiums, and other public spaces. Amateur musicians and veterans come out on the streets to perform various musical concerts.

However, because of the pandemic, Music Day festivities are limited this year. Several music organizations are hosting online performances and celebrations instead.


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