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Cancer Prevention: Understanding the diet, symptoms and signs.

Risk of breast cancer among women is the highest. Thanks to modern science, there is now a cure for it, but the disease still poses to be one of the greatest health problems faced by our country. The reason is that 50% of women ignore initial symptoms and only go for medical help by the third or fourth stage. The treatment becomes difficult after passing these stages. It is therefore essential that women are aware of its symptoms, signs and also know what kinds of antioxidant-rich foods can help reduce the growth of cancer cells.

Symptoms and signs 

  • Knots are the most visible sign of breast cancer and usually appear in the breast or armpits. This procedure may not be painful or cause any discomfort.
  • A change in the nipple’s size- The nipple sinks inward. The shape of the nipple changes, causing itching.
  • Nipple discharge can come in different colors like red, yellow, or green. The major signs of breast cancer are pain in the breast, redness around the breast, swelling around the breast, and changes to the breast.

Breast cancer-preventive foods

  • Green leafy vegetables- Apart from having high levels of fiber, green leafy vegetables also contain many vitamins and minerals. The vegetables also contain sulforaphane, an active ingredient known for its cancer-fighting properties. Make sure that you consume foods like spinach, coriander leaves, fenugreek leaves, and broccoli on a daily basis.
  • White Mushroom- Mushrooms, widely used in global cuisine, remain expensive, costing upto a lakh rupee per kilogram in some places, yet in great demand. In addition to preventing cancer, it prevents the growth of tumors in women.
  • Walnut- Walnuts are good for women’s health. This food contains omega-3 acids, which help reduce heart disease risk. It also reduces the risk of cancer.¬†Moreover, it reduces the level of cholesterol. This substance inhibits the growth of cancer and tumors because of its presence of sitosterol.

  • Onion and Garlic- These foods contain powerful antioxidants. They are also anticancer in nature. Garlic and onions are considered as the healthiest foods in the world because of their antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming these foods can prevent a wide range of diseases.

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Women in the United States are most likely to develop breast cancer after skin cancer. Both men and women can develop breast cancer, but it is much more common in women. Funding for breast cancer awareness and research has led to significant advances in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Thanks to factors like early detection, individualized treatment, a better understanding of the disease, and last but not the least, dedicated efforts and research by a medical professional in this field.


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