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Israel’s Ultimate Camouflage Technology – ‘Invisible Soldiers’

The Israeli Ministry of Defense (MoD) and an Israeli defense company, Polaris Solutions developed a new 3D camouflage technology known as ‘The Kit 300’ that might make soldiers invisible during covert operations. It was founded by two former Israeli soldiers to enhance battlefield survivability during complex warfare and allow military troops to get as close to the target as possible without being detected.

Using the kit, soldiers can imitate any 3D object in the Area of Responsibility (AOR) to conceal themselves for operational effectiveness. The information is then transmitted by sensors to the tactical commander. Polaris Solutions, however, claims that the fabric see-through and weatherproof sensors must be concealed from the enemy and come with a ‘special cover’ that can reduce detectability at approximately 1 m range from the enemy target.

Materials used for thermal visual concealment material are composed of metals, microfibres and polymers. These materials easily mold to the environment, making it harder and challenging to see those wearing them. An enemy looking at them [military troops] with binoculars from afar will be unable to see them, according to Gal Harari, the head of MoD’s research and development branch.

‘Fully mouldable’ camouflage gear
According to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), the multispectral sheet weighs up to 500 grams and is ‘fully mouldable’ and can be folded back into a 2D form. This provides an advantage of surprise while degrading the ability of the enemy to ambush. This is printed with the same coloration on each side as the specific AOR, giving the armed forces an easier time conducting missions in volatile regions. While closing-in on a target, soldiers can also hide their weapons, backpacks and other military gear inside a panel provided with the state-of-the-art concealment kit. There is also a special ‘Raid Camo Suit’ and a Sniper cover.

According to the firm, the key to a successful military raid is avoiding being compromised in the sensor saturated environment while engaging and disengaging. By wearing the lightweight raid suit, soldiers can maneuver through risky areas without being detected. The military troops can also conceal themselves with a separate ‘foliage’ pattern and ‘sniper canopy’ depending on the region they are operating in. During urban warfare or open fields where soldiers are required to change positions rapidly to attack their enemy, the military can use this technique to conceal their location.

In addition, a tactical helmet gives a silhouette of the head which can be used to escape life-threatening situations such as bullets, and the counter-tracking shoes in the kit leave as few tracks as possible in enemy territory. As a result, soldiers also become more difficult to track since the boots can leave no impressions normally left by military boots. A ‘Rajuka’ mask and an ultralight poncho were also tested, which offered enhanced maneuverability and comfort for both military and police officers while being engaged in extreme activities.

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Asaf Picciotto, the co-founder of Polaris Solutions, recognized firsthand that the soldiers on the ground required better protection from enemies during the Second Lebanon War in 2006. Located in the Israeli port city of Caesarea, the company has now registered the equipment for patents in many countries around the world. Equipment designed with the expertise of ex-Israeli soldiers trained in special forces.


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