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Land starts rising abruptly in Haryana, video leaves netizens shocked

Haryana: An undated video showing the earth suddenly rising in Haryana has gone popular on social media, even as the consequences of climate change are being seen in countries all over the world. The video was uploaded on the Jagat Vani Facebook page, where it has received over 4.3 million views.

In the 1.58-second footage, a submerged underwater region abruptly begins to rise, shocking onlookers. As the ground continues to rise, the guy filming the video is heard telling people to stand aside.

As they demonstrated the huge region where the ground had risen, the men in the video can be heard saying, ‘This is a new experience. This is amazing. The land is rising on its own. We have no idea what is happening.’

Despite the fact that it is unclear what caused the incident, netizens attempted to come up with their own Hypothesis. While some speculated that the land rose owing to tectonic activity, others speculated that it was due to stored methane.

‘This thing happened due to tectonic activities. It’s very dangerous to stay here. Maybe some volcanic activity happened,’ commented a user, while another wrote, ‘Not really due to tectonic activity, but methane trapped in the earth gets released getting the wet layer to form a bubble, that is what seems to be happening here.’


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