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Harappan-era city of Dholavira gets UNESCO’s World Heritage Site tag

The UNESCO heritage committee has designated Dholavira, a Harappan-era city in Gujarat, as a World Heritage Site (WHS).

The decision was made at UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee’s 44th session, which was held online and chaired from China on Tuesday.

Rudreswara temple in Telangana, commonly known as Ramappa temple, was previously designated as a World Heritage Site by the session.

‘Kakatiya Rudreshwara (Ramappa) Temple received its inscription as a World Heritage Site on 25 July and Dholavira: A Harappan city was inscribed on the World Heritage List today, bringing India’s number of World Heritage sites to 40,’ a statement read.

A World Heritage Site is a place with ‘outstanding global value,’ which denotes cultural and/or ecological significance that transcends national boundaries and is of universal interest to all humanity’s current and future generations.

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Gujarat presently has four UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Champaner, near Pavagadh, Rani ki Vav in Patan and Ahmedabad are the other three.


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