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Pizza as tip for Pizza delivery! Watch the video

Tipping is a practice that has been controversial over the past few years. In restaurants, patrons are expected to tip at least 10-20% of their order value. Many eateries also add this to every invoice as a service charge. However, this amount does not sit well with customers who are on a budget. They believe that tipping should be optional and not a mandatory charge. Recently, a video went viral about this topic. A pizza delivery guy was declined a monetary tip, and instead asked to take a slice of the pizza he delivered. Check this out:

It has been shared across multiple social media platforms, including YouTube, where it has been viewed thousands of times. During the short clip, we saw a recording taken by the door camera. The pizza delivery guy keeps the pizza on the side and then approaches the doorbell. A sign reads, ‘No money for tip, please take a slice of pizza instead.’ Having no choice, the delivery person opens the box to grab a slice and bites into it after removing his mask.

The customer’s unwillingness to give a monetary tip to the pizza delivery guy did not go down well with internet users. What people wanted to know was why the customer ordered pizza if he could not tip the delivery guy in the first place? Users reported that delivery persons earned most of their income from tips as they are not paid sufficiently by their employers despite working the long 10-hour shifts.


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