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21 yrs and counting: Priyanka on her friendship with Lara Dutta

A new picture has been shared by actor Priyanka Chopra of herself and Lara Dutta after a recent meet-up in London. Since meeting at the Miss India 2000 pageant, the two have been friends for 21 years.

Priyanka can be seen posing with Lara and her daughter, Saira, in the photo, which she shared on Instagram on Sunday. Every time they meet, Priyanka mentioned that their friendship is able to ‘pick up’. ’21 years and counting.. friendships that can pick up at any given time… @larabhupathi and her most shining star. Saira you’re definitely your mum’s daughter. Adore you. So much love for these ladies. And so many memories. Also Missed you #Pradeepguha,’ she wrote.

Priyanka and Lara’s mentor at the Miss India pageant was Pradeep Guha. Both mourned his death last month and offered their condolences online. ‘You were always my forever champion. Your random calls of encouragement, your zest for life and your ambition was something I have always admired so much. This loss is so personal. I will miss your voice and strength so much. I’ve had very few constants in my life and outside my parents, you were one that I truly saw as my mentor. You saw something in me I never knew I had. You never shied away from reminding me on how I could be better. You always lead with charge,’ Priyanka had written about Pradeep.

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Lara was crowned Miss India in 2000, and later, Miss Universe. Priyanka was runner-up at Miss India, but won the Miss World crown later. Dia Mirza was the second runner-up and she also won the Miss Asia Pacific title. It was the first time in history that all three finalists from Miss India won their respective international pageants simultaneously. Following their Miss Universe and Miss World wins, Priyanka and Lara appeared together in Akshay Kumar’s Andaaz. Priyanka recently sent Lara a copy of her autobiography ‘Unfinished’ and thanked her for ‘being such a big part of my story.’


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