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Wikipedia has wrong info: Gauahar on reports of 12-year age gap with husband

Gauahar Khan and Zaid Darbar were trolled after it was reported that she was 12 years older than him. In her statement, she explained that at first, she was angry, but he reassured her. On a chat show, Zaid said that he followed Gauahar’s lead when it came to dealing with trolls. According to her, there were times when she felt like ‘blasting someone’ but he advised her to let it go.

Gauahar claims that she saw headlines stating that she was 12 years older than Zaid. ‘Wikipedia has some wrong information. Mine also, his also. Like, there is this movie on my Wikipedia page, Miss India-something, I don’t know anything about that film. The same way, his birth year was written wrong,’ she said, on By Invite Only.

Gauahar was initially angry, but Zaid pacified her. ‘I was like, ‘Why do you have this wrong age on your Wiki? It’s all your fault’ blah blah,’ she said. ‘He was like, ‘Calm down. Does it change the fact that I am younger than you? No matter how many years it is. Why are you getting so affected?’ I was like, ‘Because the number is wrong.’ He calmed me down and said, ‘Gauahar, I am younger than you, I don’t have any problem being 20 years younger than you. That’s another thing that I am only six years younger than you. It’s okay, don’t get affected.’ That’s when I said, ‘Chuck it.’ ‘

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Gauahar and Zaid got married in December last year, only five months after he first saw her at a supermarket. Later, he slipped into her DMs on Instagram. According to the video of their wedding, Zaid called Gauahar the answer to his prayers. ‘I know for a fact ki Gauahar ko mere paas unhone hi bheja hai (God has sent her to me),’ he said.


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