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The mysterious Indian ‘Lake of No Return’: No one has ever escaped

Throughout history, mystery stories have been one of the most loved genres of literature. Mystifying stories, whether from distant lands or from everything we see in our daily lives, pique our curiosity to no end. A story like the ‘Lake of No Return’ will certainly pique your interest if the mystery is your thing. If you want something unique, you should visit Nawng Yang, a border town of the Nagas near Myanmar, or the ‘Lake of No Return’. It is said that whoever went near this mysterious lake has never come back.

Where is Lake of No Return located?

One of the most mysterious destinations in India is the ‘Lake of No Return’ or the Nawang Yang lake. It is situated on the border of Arunachal Pradesh and in the Changlang district. Lake of No Return is a waterbody that partially lies within Pansau, a small town on the border with Myanmar. The Tangas tribe resides in the region.

What makes it a Lake of No Return?

The most popular and well-known theory of the name and reputation of the mysterious lake is based on the legend that the Allies used this lake for emergency landings during WWII, resulting in the deaths of many aircraft and crew members. Its origin can be traced in three different ways. According to one of those theories, Japanese soldiers were returning home after World War II and got lost. Their death is believed to be related to malaria they contracted while on their way to the lake. According to an author, he has also discovered a document that claimed to have been written by one of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, which he claims still exists nearby.

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Folklore also runs among the villagers apart from all these beliefs. Long ago, a villager caught an enormous fish, according to a tale that has been passed down for generations. Except for an old woman and her granddaughter, the entire village was invited to feast on the fish. Due to this, the lake guardian warned an old woman and her granddaughter to leave the village, and the next day, the entire village was flooded. While there are a lot of myths and theories about Arunachal Pradesh’s villagers, many advertisements advertise them in hopes of increasing tourism. These stories are believed to attract tourists to the local Bermuda Triangle.


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