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Denmark, Netherlands and Sweden to return to pre-pandemic daily life.

On Tuesday, in a press conference, Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte said that the people in Netherlands can attend parties and go celebrating in crowded clubs from 25th September if they’re fully vaccinated. Social distancing has become less significant in the country and the government will mandate vaccine passes to those who took both the vaccine shots.


Denmark has become the first country in the European Union to discard all their Covid-protocol and restrictions last week. People are allowed to go to gyms and concerts without masks. Even proof of vaccination is made optional.

COVID-19 is no longer a ‘socially critical disease’ in the country of Denmark. Danish Health Minister Magnus Heunicke declared that the ministry’s mandate for COVID passes and national closures has come to an end by August, since they have successfully tackled the pandemic with high vaccination rate.


Sweden will follow Denmark in abandoning most of the Covid restrictions by the end of September which will include restrictions on both public and private gatherings and work from home. Swedish Health and Social Affairs Minister Lena Hallengren had announced earlier this month about the revocation of Covid-protocol in the country. However, people from other countries are required to quarantine and get tested upon their arrival in all these countries, if they have not received both the vaccine doses.


Sweden has stood out for its relatively exceptional response to the pandemic among the European countries. Now these countries are planning to go back to the normal life they had before pandemic. The 60% vaccination rate of Netherlands are relatively lower when compared to the 80% and 70% of Denmark and Sweden, but Netherlands Health Minister Hudo de Jonge said that the vaccine mandate will boost the county’s vaccination programs even with the withdrawal of Covid-restrictions. Allan Randrup Thomson, a scientist and virologist at Copenhagen University, commented that the studies show that nine out of ten among the most vulnerable citizens are vaccinated in both Sweden and Denmark.


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