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Indonesia’s most wanted militant killed on Saturday.

The body of Indonesia’s most wanted militant was retrieved from the jungle after two more militants were killed in the shootout on Saturday. The militants killed were Ali Kalora and Jaka Ramadan, also known as Ikrima. Ali Kalora is the leader of the East Indonesia Mujahideen network with ties to Islamic State group. East Indonesia Mujahideen network has claimed several murders of minority Christians and police officers in Indonesia. Jaka Ramadan is another suspected extremist and a follower of Ali Kalora, the military reprted.

The shootout took place in the jungle of Parigi Moutong district in Central Sulawesi province. This mountainous district shares border with the Poso district, which is considered to be a breeding ground for the extremist groups in the province. The pictures provided by the authorities show the dead bodies of the militants with an M16 rifle and backpacks nearby. Security forces have seized two ready-to use bombs from the backpacks along with camping tools and food supplies, says Rudy Sufahriadi, chief of Central Sulawesi Police. The bodies were removed to a hospital in the province capital, Palu on Sunday. The rocky terrain of the forested village of Astina hindered the clearing of the bodies at night.

The remaining members of the East Indonesia Mujahideen are still in the jungle of Sulawesi island, uncaptured. The police urged the other four extremists to surrender and take responsibilities for their actions under the law immediately. It is known that the militant group had pledged their allegiance to the Islamic State in 2014. The military had intensified its security operations in the area to capture the leader, Kalora, in recent months. Two months ago, Kalora and three other group members planned to surrender and was cancelled when the members rejected the plan, authorities claimed. Few days later two suspected members were killed by the security forces.

The security forces have been in search of Kalora for more than a decade. He managed to evade capture all these years after taking charge of the group from Abu Wardah Santoso, who was killed in July 2016, by security forces. Several other members including a few members of China’s ethnic Uyghur minority who joined the extremist group led by Santoso were captured or killed by the security forces


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