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Britain asks Brazil for an emergency food deal.

On Thursday, Jair Bolsonaro, Brazilian President said UK’s Boris Johnson asked him for an ‘emergency’ deal for the supply of food products that were in short in United Kingdom. Bolsonaro and PM Boris Johnson met this week in New York.


Johnson did not clarify about any particular food product that was in short in his weekly webcast. Prime Minister’s office refused to respond to the request for clarification on the emergency deal.


During a conversation, the Brazilian President mentioned that the inflation has hit everyone after the lockdown. Some countries have started experiencing shortage of food. Boris Johnson, wanted an emergency agreement with Brazil to import some food that is lacking in England, Bolsonaro said.


Some of the British fertilizer plants have shut down in recent weeks as the price of a natural gas hiked, which led to shortage of CO2 which is widely used in the food industry in UK. The UK government has warned the food manufacturers to prepare for a rise in the prices for carbon dioxide that can go up to 400% of the current price.


Many ministers in United Kingdom, including the Prime Minister had raised concerns about the upcoming shortage of traditional Christmas fares like roast turkey and some other beverages in England this year.


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