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If you get ‘Migraine attacks’, stop eating these foods

A migraine can be associated with these symptoms, such as nausea, dizziness, and sensitivity to light and sound. You probably know that certain foods trigger migraine attacks if you’ve suffered from migraines for a long time. Dr. Vikram Sharma, Senior Consultant Neurologist, Department of Neurology, Sunshine Hospitals, Hyderabad, explains that migraine is a type of headache disorder that is characterized by recurrent headaches of moderate to severe intensity and accompanied by neurological symptoms.

The prodrome stage of migraine is characterized by food cravings and fatigue or low energy, depression, hyperactivity, irritability, irritability, and general irritability leading up to the headache itself. An attack of migraine usually occurs with severe throbbing pain or pulsating sensation, usually on just one side of the head. This can be accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea or vomiting, or extreme sensitivity to light (photophobia) and sound (phonophobia).

However, if you’re tired of suffering the throbbing pain, you can avoid some foods. The following foods are known to help alleviate the symptoms.

  • Chocolate: Chocolate is the top trigger of migraine attacks, according to Dr. Sharma. Approximately 22 per cent of people suffering from migraines can be affected by chocolate, according to a recent American Migraine Foundation study.
  • Caffeine: Too much caffeine can trigger migraine attacks. Caffeine is present in chocolate, coffee, and tea, but a small amount isn’t harmful.
  • Over 35% of migraine sufferers cite alcohol as one of their common triggers, according to a study.
  • Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame (an artificial sugar) constitute a large portion of processed food and aspartame is likely to cause migraines.
  • Monosodium glutamate (MSG) foods: Wondering what MSG is? It is a sodium salt of glutamic acid that is also used as an additive in some foods. MSG can trigger severe migraines, according to the American Migraine Foundation.
  • Nitrate (a preservative found in cured meats) preserves colour and flavor. It is found in deli meats, ham, hot dogs, and sausages. According to Healthline, eating these foods produces nitric oxide, which can dilate blood vessels in the brain.
  • Foods like aged cheese and soy sauce may contain tyramine, a trigger present in fermented or aged foods.

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