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Do you suffer from acid reflux? If so, here are a few foods and lifestyle tips you can try

Acidity is a major problem for many people. All of our food intake, overeating, and disturbed sleep schedules can contribute to stomach-related issues like growling, cramping, and acid reflux. Although changing one’s lifestyle is a must, incorporating some foods that help fight acidity issues can be a good place to start. Ayurvedic practitioner and nutritionist Juhi Kapoor shares five foods to incorporate into one’s diet that can help fight acidity issues.

The majority of the time, acidity is a result of a poor lifestyle. ‘If you spend too much time sleeping, eating at odd hours, and overeating, you will surely become dependent on acid-reducing drugs,’ she warned. Reports suggest that acidity is caused by excessive secretion of acids in the gastric glands, which can be triggered, in part, by extremely spicy foods or a long interval between meals.

To resolve acidity issues, try these three foods:
Banana: Start your day with a banana, which ‘will solve half of your acidity problems’.

Basil seeds: Add them to your diet! Drink at least one glass of water with two tablespoons of soaked sabja seeds. Sabja seeds are cooling and help reduce acidity. Kapoor says to avoid it during periods or if you have a cold or a cough.

Coconut water: Kapoor suggested drinking one glass of coconut water at 11 am each day to reduce acidity problems.

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You can reduce acidity by changing your lifestyle in the following ways:

  • Eating small meals frequently
  • Try and avoid too much protein
  • Limit your non-vegetarian intake to 2 or 3 meals a week.
  • Include grains in your daily diet
  • Walk at least 100 steps after every meal
  • Practice Vajrasana
  • Only give out positive, happy vibes!


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