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Fear of needles? Take a look at the reaction of this young Kashmiri boy

Do you have an aversion to injections? Do you get shivers just thinking about needles and have nightmares about going to the doctor? Although the dread causes you to break out in cold sweats, the good news is that you are not alone. The fear of needles is not only genuine, but it is also highly prevalent among people.

A video of a little Kashmiri kid, who exhibits a violent response as he is going to be injected, has recently gone popular on the internet. Have you had a chance to see the video yet?

Everyone knows someone who suffers from ‘trypanophobia,’ or dread of needles. It’s made up of two words: ‘trypano’, which means piercing or puncturing in Greek, and ‘phobia,’ which means fear. The phobia is characterised by an unreasonable fear of needles and blood.

Watch this young Kashmiri boy’s relatable reaction

The viral video of the little child is too relatable and adorable. He is seen in the video hesitant to be injected while the doctor attempts to calm him down. Every time the doctor took his hand, he yanked it away. The small kid is seen yelling, crying and making strange noises, as the doctor tries to inject him. His guardian and the doctor couldn’t stop themselves from laughing at his outburst.

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The small kid immediately stops crying and repeats the phrase ‘nahi rounga’ (won’t cry). He even tells the doctor, ‘Main tumhare ghar aake chai peeyunga’ (I will come to have a cup of tea at your house).


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