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United Kingdom, European Union and Italy urge Russia to commit to net zero carbon emissions

The European Union, United Kingdom and Italy is pressuring Russia to commit to the net zero CO2 emissions goal by the year 2050 prior to the climate change summit COP26, to tackle the climate crisis.

Russia is one of the biggest polluters around the globe which has not yet committed to the goal of net zero emissions. As world leaders are getting ready to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021, which will be conducted from 31st October till 12th November this year in Scotland, the pressure on Russia to adopt policies against climate change is increasing day by day.

The ambassadors from England, European Union and Italy invited Russia in a joint article, to make more ambitious pledges to attain net zero carbon emissions by the year of 2050, by joining them and several other countries that have already made similar promises.

The climate change conference is a crucial chance to bring forward the efforts and ambitious targets of different governments from all around the world to solve the consequences of global warming and to limit the annual average temperature to 1.5 degree Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

Russia produces oil and gas in large amounts that result in emission of greenhouse gases that fuel climate change.  The ambassadors informed Russia to seize the opportunity to switch to renewable and sustainable energy by introducing green technologies and policies to protect carbon consuming forests.


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