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Kim Jong Un slams US ‘hostile policy’, offers to reopen inter-Korean hotline.

Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader announced that North Korea was willing to restore the broken inter-Korean hotlines, on Thursday. The statements were made at the Supreme People’s Assembly, which was gathered to discuss the political, social and economic agenda of the government.

He accused the US administration for proposing talks with North Korea, without changing the hostile policy of the country. North Korea has joined the race for the most advanced weapon system by test-firing a hypersonic missile earlier this week. Kim demanded South Korea and United States to drop their ‘double standards’ regarding weapon development.

North Korea expressed its willingness to reopen the inter-Korean hotlines from October onwards. Kim also mocked South Korea’s opinion of what it called ‘military provocations’ from the North, as ‘delusions.’

The inter-Korean hotlines were severed by North Korea in August as a response to the US-South Korea military drills. The decision to reopen the hotlines was to make progress towards realising the desires of the entire Korean nation and to recover the peace in the border relations, Kim added.

According to official reporting of KCNA news agency, Kim made it clear that North Korea had no intentions of provoking or harming South Korea. Along with it, Kim used a slightly tougher tone while stating that Joe Biden administration was using more cunning methods in pursuing military threats while still proposing talks.


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