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UK police arrests 13 climate change activists to clear Heathrow airport access road.

On Friday, 13 Climate change protestors were arrested by the British police for temporarily disrupting the traffic in the access road to Heathrow Airport, which is the largest travel hub of United Kingdom.

The activists were the members of the environmental group called Insulate Britain. They sat in a row which blocked the road, during the rush hour. Some of them were chained together with bicycle locks and some had their hands glued to the road, in an act of protest

The officers arrested 13 people who took part in the protest, with charges of obstruction and conspiracy for public nuisance, said the Metropolitan Police of London through twitter. The road was cleared after police handcuffed and dragged the activists away from the area.

Insulate Britain demanded the government to commit to curb the use of fossil fuel and fight climate change and global warming, by providing finance to 29 million homes in Britain for insulation.

The protestors might have to face jail time if they repeated the same actions once again as the transport ministry took injunctions from the High Court to stop the disruption. But Insulate Britain has made it clear that they would continue their work and protests with similar actions until the government agrees to their demand of insulating the energy inefficient homes of United Kingdom.



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