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‘Women empowerment is like a double-edged sword’: Shibani Dandekar

Actor Shibani Dandekar is not deterred by the fact that there is still a lot to be done and achieved when it comes to empowering women, with the belief that instead of looking back, we should keep looking forward.

‘The whole thing about women empowerment is like a double-edged sword. You kind of have to think of all the progress that we have made over the years, and then sometimes you think, ‘man, we are just not moving fast enough’,’ Dandekar shares. The 41-year-old believes that one should focus on those positive aspects and not think about how we still struggle.

Dandekar, who appeared in the anthology ‘Love In The Times Of Corona’ last year, says, ‘We think we just have to keep pushing forward, rather than just letting the fact that it’s taking so long hold us back’. She believes every woman goes through a struggle and deals with societal stereotypes. ‘We all ask ourselves, why do we even have to deal with this? We should also remember all the women who came before us and fought much tougher battles. It’s a little easier for us today, and that should comfort us a little. Be appreciative of that.’

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Additionally, ‘it is important to be proud of the contributions that have helped us reach this point. This will spur us on to keep working hard. There is no other option. There are little girls out there who want to live in a different world, and we have a responsibility to help them achieve that dream. Many of the girls on her team are young girls. It is important to fight the good fight.’

Dandekar is also working to expand her horizons as a producer. She says, ‘I have created a web show, which will go into pre-production at some point later this year. It is really exciting, fulfilling, gives me a lot of joy, and feeds my soul’.


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