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Global water crisis amid climate emergency, UN warns.

Almost the whole world needs better warning systems to tackle water-related disasters, as they are unprepared and clueless about the floods, hurricanes, droughts and other climate calamities which are getting worsened along with the climate change, the weather agency of United Nations reported on Tuesday.

A report was published on Tuesday, which found that the global water management was ‘inadequate and fragmented.’ The report was based on a study that surveyed 101 countries, in which nearly 60 percent of the countries needed improved forecasting systems, which could prevent severe weather devastations.

The number of people without adequate access to water was expected to rise to more than 5 billion from 2018’s 3.6 billion by 2050, with the rising population growth.

The report recommended better warning systems for flood- and drought-prone areas that can identify natural calamities prior to it happening. Better financing and coordination are also needed among the actions listed by the report, for better water management among the countries.

World Meteorological Organization of United Nations said that since 2000, the flood-related disasters have risen by 134 percent globally, when compared with the data from previous two decades. Most of the flood-related deaths were in Asia along with huge economic losses in the past year. The report mentioned the massive flooding caused by extreme rainfall in India, China, Indonesia, Nepal, Japan and Pakistan in the previous years.





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