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Young and pregnant suffer a wave of severe illnesses.

The Delta variant sent infections soaring in the United States as the hospitals recorded a jump in critically ill patients who were young, pregnant and unvaccinated.

People who were pregnant, were more likely to experience severe illness and death from Covid-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported during an urgent health advisory meeting. It added that those who were pregnant were less likely to get the vaccine jabs that are capable of preventing acute illnesses related to the infection.

In the month of August alone, 22 pregnant people lost their lives due to Covid-19, adding to the total of at least 171 pregnancy deaths. According to CDC data, only 25 percent of the citizens have received at least one shot of Covid-19 vaccine while pregnant. Pregnant people have been placed among the most hesitant population to receive vaccine shots according to statistics of immunisation programmes.

Months of uncertain guidance and a lack of data about vaccine trials on pregnant people have driven the part of the population into reluctance. Misinformation about infertility and miscarriage also contributed to the confusions in pregnant people, who were trying to make the best decision for their babies. Recently the medical authorities have fully endorsed receiving the Covid-19 vaccine during pregnancy.

On August 11th, CDC officially recommended vaccine shots to be administered to pregnant women as the studies indicated no elevated risks of miscarriage. Those who had been hesitant about getting vaccine while pregnant suffered from severe infections and premature deliveries.



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