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Kireet Khurana announces documentary on India’s homeless people

Mumbai: Kireet Khurana is set to release a new documentary titled ‘The Invisible Visible’. With scenes from Mumbai, Delhi, Patna, Dehradun, Kanpur, and a few villages in Maharashtra and Bihar, ‘The Invisible Visible’ sheds light on the plight of India’s destitute millions.

According to Kireet, India has the highest number of homeless people. Over 70 million of the country’s citizens are destitute and lack access to shelter. In 1959, the Bombay Beggary Prevention Act was enacted further criminalizing beggars and making them vulnerable to incarceration, torture, and dehumanization.The film depicts how the underprivileged and disenfranchised have been abandoned and, in some cases, exploited in state-run shelters, as happened in the infamous Muzaffarpur case, in which hundreds of girls aged 6 to 15 were raped, tortured, and died.

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Kireet hopes the film will stimulate states to build homeless shelters in every district and to appoint independent, credible agencies to conduct regular audits of them. In mid-2022, this 81-minute documentary will be released.


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