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Few hours after PM’s warning, ISKCON temple vandalized

A few hours after Hindu temples in Bangladesh were vandalized, an ISKCON temple and its people were also attacked. Local media reported that a mob attacked ISKCON devotees on Friday in the Noakhali region of Bangladesh. ISKCON community confirmed the attack with a tweet from their official account.

Temple and devotees were attacked by a mob in Noakhali, Bangladesh, ISKCON said in a tweet. Temple suffered significant damage, and the condition of a devotee remains critical. ‘We call on the Govt of Bangladesh to ensure the safety of all Hindus & and to bring the perpetrators to justice. Hindu temples were attacked just hours after Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina promised that those responsible for the attacks would be brought to book .

Additionally, she assured the community they have an equal right to celebrate their festivals and emphasized that Bangladesh is their home. ‘You are considered citizens of this country. You are entitled to equal rights. You will be allowed to observe your religion and celebrate festivals with equal rights. This is the policy of our country, and it is our ideal. Please never let anyone ever see you as a minority,’ she said to the Hindu community gathered at Dhakeshwari National Temple in Dhaka.

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‘It will be taken strong action will be taken against those no matter which faith they belong to. Let me remind all that Bangladesh is a land of communal harmony. Here, people of all faiths will live together and practice their religion,’ she continued. There have been a few incidents in the country recently that have created some tension. Several Hindu temples were vandalized during Durga Puja celebrations, resulting in the death of four people and injuries to several others.


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