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Here’s how COVID-19 has affected ‘dating’, read on…

Aside from Zoom meetings and Dalgona coffee, online dating was also very popular during the COVID-19 outbreak. Although virtual dating has become easier, it has a number of cons as well. The biggest problem is the strain it puts on our mental health. For many, maintaining relationships on a digital platform is quite challenging. They sometimes ask why they don’t respond to emails. Do they like me? Or am I blocked? Questions like these arise and individuals cannot help but think about them. If you’ve ever tried online dating, you might have encountered these questions. The clinical psychologist, along with a couple of people, talked about their experiences and opinions of virtual dating.

According to Vaishali Kamra, a finance analyst from Gurugram, she has always enjoyed meeting new people and the easiest way to do that was via apps. However, since the pandemic began, she began feeling a sense of emptiness. At first, she found it difficult. ‘But being more open with the date made me feel better’, she said. The COVID pandemic has also affected how Gen Z handles dating, according to experts. As a result of the pandemic, clinical psychologist Sonali Gupta explains, Gen Z has been experiencing a feeling of loss, loneliness, and an inability to connect with others. According to her, the pandemic eliminated all chances of spontaneous interaction.

In a recent report by Tinder, mentions of ‘anxiety’ increased by 31%. The word ‘boundaries’ is being used more than ever, and ‘consent’ has risen by 21%. Many people feel that online dating has changed for the better since Gen Z has become more open about their mental health. According to an MBA student from Delhi, Shantanu Upadhaya, he was matched with a girl just before the second wave. Further, he revealed that tragedy struck him when he lost a family member. Despite not being available for a few days, the girl kept checking on him, and now they are dating.

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Also, the psychologist pointed out that people need to be prepared to face rejection since establishing a personal connection and trust takes time. No matter if you meet someone virtually or in person, rejection is a part of dating. According to Gupta, it is very important to learn to date with kindness, compassion, and developing healthy communication in order to create an ecosystem in which everyone feels respected.


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