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Try these Ayurvedic tips for a healthy digestive system

Dr. Dixa Bhavsar, an Ayurveda practitioner, took to Instagram to give crucial ayurveda guidelines for a healthy digestive system. She captioned it as, ‘We all know by now that ‘We are not what we eat rather what we digest’. Ayurveda gives some great guidance for eating, especially when it comes to digestion.’

Here are the guidelines:

Only eat when you’re hungry. As in, you’re truly hungry, as in your last meal has been entirely digested. We may mistakenly believe that we are hungry when, in fact, we are simply dehydrated. Reconnect with your body and rediscover what it’s like to be truly hungry.

– Eat in a relaxed and peaceful environment. When you eat, sit down and eat with as little distractions as possible: no television, book, phone, or laptop.

Consume the proper amount of food. We are all unique individuals with varying demands, stomach sizes, and metabolic rates. Pay attention to your body and eat only till you are satiated.

Warm foods should be consumed. Freshly prepared is ideal, but as long as you stay away from anything straight from the fridge, your digestive power (Agni) will be preserved. This enables your digestive enzymes to function properly.

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Consume high-quality cuisine. Make your meal juicy or a tad oily to help with digestion and nutritional absorption. Dry foods should be avoided.

Foods that are incompatible should not be eaten together. This could result in a stomach ache. Fruits with milk, fish and milk, and other incompatible foods are only a few examples.

When you’re eating, pay attention to what you’re doing. Make use of all five of your senses. Take time to enjoy the aroma of your food, the appearance of your plate, the texture of your food, the many flavours, and the sounds you make while eating.

Don’t eat too quickly. Don’t just gulp your food; chew it thoroughly. Chewing is an important part of the digestive process.

Eat at the same time every day. Nature prefers cycles and predictability, so follow them!


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