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Obama excites crowd in Virginia for governor’s race, calls it a ‘turning point’ for the country.

At a rally on Saturday, former President Barack Obama urged Virginians to re-elect Terry McAuliffe as governor, highlighting the race’s importance as a reflection of the country’s political direction and values.

With just 10 days until the carefully watched, tight election on November 2nd, Obama and McAuliffe, the state’s governor from 2014 to 2018, spoke to a roaring audience at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.

The off-year campaign is being viewed as a predictor of how the country will vote in the 2022 midterm elections, which will determine which party controls the Congress, as well as a referendum on Democratic Vice President Joe Biden’s presidency.

Obama told the crowd that the Virginia election represented a national ‘turning point’ in which Americans could either become more embroiled in the divisive politics that characterised Republican Donald Trump’s presidency and culminated in an attack on the United States Capitol by Trump’s supporters on January 6th, or ‘pull together’ to ‘solve big problems.’

Obama added that he believed that they were going to demonstrate the rest of the country and the world right there in Virginia and that they were not going to indulge in their worst tendencies. He told the crowd that they were not going back to the turmoil that caused so much destruction.

He encouraged the crowd to vote for Terry McAuliffe, by saying that the country was moving forward with personalities like McAuliffe, leading the way.


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