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Leaked documents reveal Rutgers University euthanized 23,000 mice in 2020

Rutgers University slaughtered 23,000 mice mercilessly in 2020, according to documents leaked to the media. Mice are frequently used as subjects for experiments, however, killing a large number due to their supposed non-essential nature is brutal. Recently, a document from the university’s financial department revealed the university lost $1.15 million in ‘research animals required for student or postdoctoral training’.

The reasons for the mass euthanization were due to concerns about losses caused by the pandemic. According to the notes, the school had to ‘eliminate’ 4,600 cages of mice in March 2020, with each cage containing an average of five mice.  In 2020, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals reported that a whistleblower presented them with ‘disturbing evidence’ that the university ordered the suspension of ‘non-essential’ research.

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The cancellation of the experiments also included the killing of any animals involved. When contacted by the Daily Targum regarding the disposal of animals, the Rutgers Office of Research denied any such claims. Afterwards, a university spokesperson confirmed that the animals had been euthanized, without specifying how many.



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