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Women rule this island in Europe to a majority of 90%

Across many cultures, men dominate, are socially privileged and have a right to property. Most patriarchal societies consider women to be only housewives, and therefore they should remain confined to their homes. In Europe, however, there is an island that is run and managed entirely by women. The island of Kihnu in Estonia is a celebration of women and is regarded as one of the last matriarchal strongholds in Europe.

Estonia has 2000 islands, but Kihnu is the largest one. The island’s beautiful beaches, surrounded by lush forests and colourful farmhouses, leaves its visitors speechless. UNESCO has included Kinhu island in its list of intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. In the early settlement days of the island, men were out at sea hunting fish and seals making daily jobs unintelligible to female residents. Men stayed away from the island for months, while women stepped up and took on important responsibilities.

Women on the island took care of everything while the men were away in the sea. Funerals and weddings were handled by women. Culture on Kihnu Island includes dance, song, and handicrafts. The island of Kihnu has also suffered from modern-day changes, like many other far-off islands. As a result of the modernization of ships and hunting equipment, the younger generation is moving to nearby cities in search of employment, and the older generation is staying back home for longer stretches.

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In spite of modern difficulties, the women of the island are still working to maintain their traditions and customs. It is possible for this island to remain a cultural icon because women have successfully passed down the traditions from generation to generation. The resilience of women who have passed down these traditions has made it possible for this island to remain a cultural icon.



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