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Human-shaped robot with realistic facial expressions unveiled by UK firm

Engineered Arts, a robotics company based in the United Kingdom, has revealed the first films of their new humanoid robot, which can generate hyper-realistic face expressions. It is a remarkable breakthrough in the field of robotics, but it is also scary.

The robot’s face, dubbed Ameca, has eyes, cheeks, a mouth, and a forehead that deforms and changes shape to express emotions ranging from astonishment to surprise to joy. Ameca appears to be waking up and for the first time ever coming to terms with its own existence in one of the new video.

Ameca, dubbed ‘the world’s most advanced human-shaped robot’ by its developers, is intended to aid academics and engineers in the study and improvement of human-robot interactions. People rely on facial signals to interact with one another, and it is anticipated that humanoid robots charged with working in environments like healthcare and hospitality would be more readily accepted if they could appear and communicate like humans. Ameca will be showcased in further detail at CES 2022 in Las Vegas in January.

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Ameca doesn’t know how to walk yet, despite the fact that it appears and stands like a person and can move its arms. Engineered Arts intends to rectify this as quickly as possible. It is just a matter of time before you see Ameca waving and establishing uneasy eye contact with you as she walks down the street.


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