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Astrophysicist captures ISS passing over Colosseum, calls it ‘once in a lifetime’ pic

Photographing the International Space Station (ISS) from Earth is always difficult. According to the International Space Station, it is nearly impossible. The Parco Archeologico del Colosseo and The Virtual Telescope Project partnered on National Space Day to film two dazzling passes of the International Space Station above the Colosseum. It is a once-in-a-lifetime sight, as per the Virtual Telescope Project statement. As a result, in order to get such a stunning image, the crew travelled to at least 14 nations to determine the greatest vantage point from which to capture the perfect shot and Italy was the best site to acquire a great picture.

According to Virtual Telescope, the particular satellite flies at a speed of 28,000 kilometres per hour at an altitude of around 400 kilometres. The International Space Station (ISS) takes 90 minutes to complete one orbit around the Earth. Virtual Telescope, for example, is a new robotic facility that allows individuals all around the globe to engage in real-time sky surveys. Astrophysicist Gianluca Masi is the director.

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‘To celebrate our First National Space Day we wanted to capture and share such a transit from a place of unmatched beauty and importance, an emblem of Italy, of the City of Rome and our history: the Colosseum. Looking up from the heart of the Amphitheatre, that legendary monument seems to embrace a large portion of the sky, with its millenary walls framing stars and ancient constellations, preserving them from light pollution’, the Virtual telescope said.


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