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Address teachers as ‘teacher’, not sir or madam: Kerala school

A school in Kerala has embraced gender neutrality in addressing the instructors. A government-aided senior basic school situated in the Palakkad region of the state has advised kids not to call their instructor as ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’ but as ‘Teacher’ exclusively. The Senior Basic School in Olassery village has become the first school in the state to embrace gender neutrality as a result of this decision.

There are 300 kids in the school, with nine female teachers and eight male teachers. According to reports, the school’s headmaster, Venugopalan H, said the concept was initially presented by a male staff member, who stated that instructors should only be called by their designation, not their gender. This decision was made after numerous schools in Kerala backed gender-neutral uniforms.

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More than ten schools in Kerala have switched to gender-neutral clothing since the state was taken over by the Communist administration. The state administration intends to apply the same policy throughout the state. Meanwhile, numerous women’s rights organisations expressed their support, claiming that it would assist to end the gender gap.


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