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Are pandemics beneficial? Study says face masks help people look good!

Does the Coronavirus only bring misery to the world? Well, the right answer is no. Despite deaths, restrictions and hospitalisations, the Covid pandemic has also done some good.  In addition, the extensive use of face masks has helped people appear more attractive, according to British academics. According to the researchers at Cardiff University, both men and women look better with a mask, which covers the lower half of the face.

Cardiff University’s school of psychology reader and expert in faces Dr. Michael Lewis noted that research conducted prior to the pandemic found that medical face masks reduced attractiveness since they were associated with illness or disease.’We wanted to test whether this had changed since face coverings became ubiquitous and understand whether the type of mask had any effect,’ Lewis said.

‘Our study suggests faces are considered most attractive when covered by medical face masks. This may be because we’re used to healthcare workers wearing blue masks and now, we associate these with people in caring or medical professions. At a time when we feel vulnerable, we may find the wearing of medical masks reassuring and so feel more positive towards the wearer,’ Lewis added.


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