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These mistakes can destroy your sex life

People have their personal tastes when it comes to sex. A woman’s sex life is so complicated that men keep wondering if he is able to satisfy her or not. Whether you have cracked the code of keeping your partner happy or not, here are five things you should avoid on the bed for healthy sex life. All men, read carefully.

Do Not Skip the Foreplay: Some men have the habit of getting straight into the act, avoiding the foreplay but this can be a big disappointment for women. They crave for foreplay and it is like an appetizer served before a meal. Do not skip foreplay as it sets the tone for the rest of the session.

Do Not Ask Repeatedly If She Reached Orgasm: Only 7 out of 10 women reach orgasm during sex according to a study conducted by a team of researchers. It is natural for man to be curious about whether his woman managed to reach orgasm or not, but asking it repeatedly is not going to do any good for you. It is something you should avoid asking after having sex.

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Trying to Emulate Scenes in Porn: Porn comes as a first sex teacher for many but trying to emulate scenes from porn will only do more harm to your sex life. Everything is exaggerated in porn and if you compare your sex life with what you saw on porn, you are going to make yourself as well as your partner disappointed.

Drilling Hard For the G-Spot: Men know G-spot is where women have the maximum pleasure and men drills for this spot as if his life depends on it. But the fact is how deep a woman wants her man inside is her personal choice. Do not take advice from the internet on this.

Getting Over Too Soon: According to a study, the ideal time a woman wants sex to last is around 25 minutes while on an average sex lasts 11-14 minutes. So clearly most women are disappointed about the duration of sex. Try to last longer in bed to keep her happy.


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