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Rescue operations continue to assist stranded young whale in Greece

Divers, veterinarians, and the coast guard were on the scene Friday to assist a whale calf that had become caught in shallow water in a beachfront district of the Greek capital, but checks on the animal revealed that it was in critical condition.

According to Arion, a research group that offers veterinary care for stranded cetaceans, the animal was an injured baby Cuvier’s beaked whale, or Ziphius cavirostris. The species is normally found in deep seas, therefore it was unclear how it had been injured or why it had become trapped in the Alimos district of southern Athens.

“The fact that it has appeared in shallow waters indicates that it is not in excellent health.” “The animal is suffering right now,” said Environment and Energy Deputy Minister Giorgos Amyras, who was on the scene. Two specialised veterinarians, a trained veterinary nurse, and four help organisations had been called in to try to save the whale.

Blood tests and an examination revealed that the cetaecean was in “extremely critical” condition, according to a statement issued by the Environment and Energy Ministry on Friday afternoon.


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