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Know how to use two WhatsApp accounts on one smartphone

Mumbai: WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app in the world. The Facebook owned app allow users to make payments, make audio and video chats, and even run businesses using it.

WhatsApp Business app currently allows users to create either a regular or a business account. However, it should be noted that, it  only allows for the creation of one account per phone number.  But many  Android phones  allow customers to use WhatsApp on both phone numbers on the same device.

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Follow these  steps to use two WhatsApp accounts on one phone:

Step 1: Most Android phones include capabilities that allow you to clone or replicate an app so that you can create several accounts.

Step 2: First enter your phone’s settings.

Step 3: Now, depending on the brand of your Android smartphone, look for the clone app or dual app settings.

Step 4: Open the feature after you’ve found the settings and look for WhatsApp in the list of options that appears.

Step 5: Select WhatsApp and turn on the cloning feature. You can also give the new version a different name to make the two versions stand out.

Step 6: Return to the home screen, where you’ll see two WhatApp icons.

Step 7: All you have to do now is launch the freshly established WhatsApp app and create an account with your second phone number.


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