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Viral video shows driver stopping train to collect ‘kachori’; probe ordered

A locomotive driver halted a train in Rajasthan to buy Kachori just a few months after the ‘Pakistan Dahi-Train’ incident. In the viral video, the driver is seen getting kachori from a man at the Alwar railway crossing in Rajasthan.

In the video, the initial few seconds show a man who is shooting the video talking about a person who will deliver the kachori. The video recorder discussed the Kachori delivery person’s safety and how he broke the regulations by stepping across the tracks even though the gates were down. Later, the delivery man was waiting at a railway crossing with a plastic bag full of kachori. The train arrived and came to a complete stop immediately ahead of him, at which point the delivery man carrying the kachori approached the locomotive driver and handed him the plastic bag.

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This video drew the attention of netizens around the country, who began discussing it on various social media sites. This amusing yet risky stunt has spawned a slew of memes.

Earlier, a video of a train driver stopping near the Kahna Kacha railway station in Lahore to buy yoghurt went popular on social media. According to a media report on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, the Pakistani train driver and his aide were removed from duty.


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