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Macron announces re-election campaign to safeguard French from ‘world’s disorders.’

Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, announced on Thursday that he will compete for re-election in April, seeking a mandate to shepherd the euro zone’s second-largest economy through the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the COVID-19 outbreak.


In a letter published in various regional newspapers, Macron confirmed his candidacy.


If he succeeds, he will be the first French president in two decades to win re-election.



‘We have not completed all of our objectives. With the knowledge I’ve received from you, there are some decisions I’d make differently’, in the letter, Macron lists the several crises he has to deal with over the last five years, including militant assaults, COVID, riots, and war.


He defended his performance, citing a 15-year low in unemployment. ‘I’m running to preserve our ideals, which are under danger from the world’s pathologies,’ he added.


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