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‘Poutine, not Putin’: Russia-Ukraine conflict leads to disappearance of French-classic delicacy

President Vladimir Putin has been receiving a great deal of anger since the Ukraine-Russia conflict began. One of the casualties of Putin’s attack on Ukraine has been an unlikely one. Poutine is a French-Canadian delicacy. The dish consists of potato fries, cheese curds, and gravy. Poutine is a famous dish and shares its name in French with the Russian president. As a result, protests have also been organized against restaurants that serve this dish.

In the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Maison de la Poutine, which has restaurants in Toulouse and Paris, said it had received threats and insults. On Twitter, the company said, ‘Our dish was born in Quebec in the 1950s. There are numerous stories to tell about its origin. But one thing is certain: poutine was created by passionate cooks, who wanted to bring joy and comfort to their customers’.

Having worked since the House of Poutine opened to promote these values, the House of Poutine today expresses its most sincere support to the Ukrainian people, who are bravely fighting against the tyrannical Russian regime. The controversy has also led a Quebec-based diner to remove the name from its menu. Le Roy Jucep has disassociated itself from the name. In its current description, the dish is called ‘the inventor of fries-cheese-gravy’.


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