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‘Indian Student fighting for Ukrainian army is unacceptable’: Congress MP

While speaking on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Congress MP Karti Chidambaram called for civilians from other nations not to participate in the war. A 21-year-old student from Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore district, Sainikesh Ravichandran, has joined the paramilitary forces of Ukraine to fight against Russian aggression.

Karti Chidambaram said, ‘This is highly dangerous. My view on the Ukraine war is different. We are only listening to US and European versions of the war and not that of Russia. I’m against war but we need to listen to both sides of the story. Also, I don’t agree with citizens of other nations joining the war. Imagine if a Muslim youth from Coimbatore goes to Syria and fights against Assad. Wouldn’t he be called a Jihadi? or go to Iraq to fight against the US. So how can we accept an Indian student going to Ukraine to fight? ‘

Karti Chidambaram wondered why Ukraine and Middle Eastern countries would be treated differently. In addition, Congress MPs said that the Centre should also examine the possibility of allowing students to complete their medical education in India. Chidambaram said if medical students cannot be accommodated in Indian colleges, then the Centre should look at the possibility of them studying in other foreign countries.

He added that decisions should be taken about waiving off their student loans or giving them more time to repay them, as it is difficult to find medical seats for all of these students in India since it is difficult to allocate seats to them all here.

A year ago, Sainikesh went to Kharkiv, Ukraine, to study at the National Aerospace University. He was supposed to complete the course by July 2022. Sainikesh’s family had lost contact with him due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. They were able to contact Sainikesh with the help of the embassy. He told his family he had joined the Ukrainian paramilitary forces to combat Russia.


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